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About GetRe(k)ruited

I came up with idea for GetRe(k)ruited after using my network to help several people find new jobs with great companies and coaching them through the process of evaluating their options. It brought me an incredible amount of personal and professional satisfaction.

Prior to founding FiduciaryWor(k)s in 2021, I helped grow the RIA I co-founded for 16 years from 2 of us and $15 million in assets to 25 people and $5.5 billion in assets. Over the years, we spent a lot of time developing, cultivating and reinforcing our core purpose and core values. They weren't pretty platitudes painted on our walls, but absent from our culture. They were central to why we existed and how we chose to live and work. They were part of our DNA. 

Our ability to grow our firm had everything to do with finding great people who connected with and embodied those values, not just in word but also in deed. It was all about alignment. Giving them the opportunity to do great work, grow professionally and be part of a culture where they were recognized and appreciated still stands as one of my proudest achievements. 

Talent always has and always will reign supreme in our business. My vision for GetRe(k)ruited is to become the de-facto platform that helps talented individuals in the retirement & wealth management industry find their dream job with a company where they can thrive and do their best work while helping employers get clear about their values and attract the types of contributors that can take their business to the next level. I hope you'll be part of it!